We're Moving to Our New Location!

January 27, 2017
We're moving across the intersection to 21 Snyder's Rd. E. in February. We will be getting our new space ready during the week of Jan. 28th but will reopen Tuesday Feb. 7th 2017. Our phone number and email will remain 519-214-2020 and badeneyecare@gmail.com, so please keep in touch. Hope to see you soon at our new office!



November 16, 2016
Cataracts are a clouding inside the eye that can cause blur, poor night vision, prescription changes, and improper colour vision.

Mites & Lice

October 27, 2016
Creepy crawlies are everywhere, even around your eyes!  It's a spooky fact, mites and lice love to live on eyelids and lashes.

Girl Guide Cookies

October 11, 2016
If anyone still needs their Girl Guide cookie fix, we have some available at our front desk (Chocolate Mint), $5.


First Pair of Glasses Moved to Our New Building

September 25, 2016
Moved our first pair of glasses into the new building at 21 Snyder's Rd. E. in Baden. The rest will be coming February 2017!



September 16, 2016
Did you know? Pupils are not black spots - they are holes in the iris that let light through to the retina at the back of the eye so you can see.


Allergy Season

August 31, 2016
It's a rough allergy season this year. If your eyes are itchy, watery and red, there may be relief! Your optometrist can prescribe medication to get you through the season.


Blue Eyes Are Light Brown?

August 29, 2016
The sky is not truly blue. Higher energy blue colour in sunlight bounces around the sky more than other colours and scatters the blue light. This scattering is why 'blue' eyes appear blue, even though they are truly light brown.

Nano Kids' Frames

August 23, 2016
We have a new kids glasses line just in time for back to school - 'Nano' is here! These frames are lightweight, flexible and highly durable, perfect for an active kid who is hard on their glasses. More information on the features of 'Nano"


Back to School

August 18, 2016
It's back to school time! Book your kids' eye exam soon so they have the best vision possible for learning. Remember, OHIP covers exams for kids 19 & under and our office provides FREE glasses to children entering Junior Kindergarten who need them.


2016 Baden Corn Festival

August 2, 2016
The Baden Corn Festival is this Saturday August 6, 2016! Remember to pick up your dinner tickets ($13) available in advance at Baden Eyecare Centre, online at badencornfest.ca/events.html ($14), or at the information booth during the festival. Hope to see everyone there!


Prescription Swimming Goggles

June 28, 2016
We have prescription swimming goggles available to help you see your best in the pool.


Insurance Direct Billing for Vision Care

June 13, 2016
Insurance companies often allow direct billing for vision needs. Your next check-up and glasses might cost you nothing out of pocket as we can directly bill many health insurance providers on your behalf.

FREE Kids Sunglasses

May 26, 2016
FREE sunglasses for babies 6 to 18 months at Baden Eyecare Centre with their 1st eye exam (while supplies last).

Your baby's eye health and UV protection are especially important as their eyes are learning to see. 6 months is when your non-verbal cutie is ready for their first OHIP covered eye checkup.



May 19, 2016
Pupils are big in young kids and shrink small with age, so seniors tend to have tiny pupils. They are big in the dark and shrink small in the light so it doesn't seem too bright for you.

Free Sunflower Seeds

April 21, 2016
Free giant sunflower seeds to plant this spring. While supplies last, stop on by Baden Eyecare Centre. (Limit one pouch per person so everyone can enjoy!)


Eye Colour

April 21, 2016
Eye "colours" look different because of the pattern and amount of brown pigment. Lighter eye colours, like blue, just have less brown pigment.


March 1, 2016
Don't forget your sunglasses if you travel down south. The suns rays are stronger near the equator, so sun protection is a must.  If you're heading out for winter fun, remember that we have ski, snowboard and snowmobile goggles available in prescription.

Central vs Side Vision

January 19, 2016
Central vision is best at seeing fine detail but side vision detects movement best, which is why people often see something "out of the corner of their eye".

Baden Santa Claus Parade 2015

December 5, 2015
Had a great time in the 2015 Baden Santa Claus Parade!


Free Colour Contacts Open House

November 19, 2015
Want to change your look? Try colour contact lenses! Join us for a FREE open house on Saturday November 21st 2015 from 12 to 2 pm to try some sample pairs. If you haven't worn contacts before, don't worry - we'l help you out.

Autumn Leaves

October 21, 2015
Fall leaves change colour as the green chlorophyll photopigment goes away, finally showing the pretty reds, yellows & oranges that are also in the leaves.


Eyes Learn to See up to Age 6

October 5, 2015
Children's eyes learn to see up to age 6. Make sure they can with a routine eye check-up.

Digital Retinal Imaging

September 21, 2015
Digital retinal photos make it easier to compare how your eyes change over the years and so may help detect problems earlier.

Foundry St. Parkette Bridge

September 10, 2015

Thanks to everyone who donated to buy the planks to build the bridge at the new Foundry St. Parkette! This Saturday September 12th the Baden Community Association will be out installing those planks to complete the bridge, but help is needed! Starting at 8 am come on out with your cordless drill to help finish the project. Lunch & water will be provided by the BCA. For details: https://www.facebook.com/BadenCommunityAssociation?fref=nf


Water Depth

August 23, 2015

Can't tell how deep the water is? Light rays travel slower in water than in air, so the ground looks closer than it really is.


Drops that Could Dissolve Cataracts

July 29, 2015

Early studies have shown promise for a drop, lanosterol, that could dissolve cataracts. Although a long way from approval for use in humans, it has improved vision for some dogs!



2015 Baden Corn Fest Human Foosball

July 29, 2015
Only a couple more days to register your team of 6-8 for the Human Foosball Tournament at the Baden Corn Fest (https://www.facebook.com/BadenCornFestival), registration ends Friday July 31st at 5 pm.  The forms and fees can be dropped off at our office during business hours.  For more information: http://www.badencornfest.ca/documents/Foosball%20Rules.pdf

2015 Baden Corn Fest Dinner Tickets

July 23, 2015

Just over two weeks until the Baden Corn Fest!  Corn Roast dinner tickets are available from the Baden Eyecare Centre ($12 cash/debit), online through PayPal at http://www.badencornfest.ca/events.html  ($13), or the information booth on the festival Saturday.  Hope to see everyone there! 


2015 Baden Corn Fest colouring contest

July 7, 2015

Attention all kids:  just a few more weeks to complete your colouring contest entry for the 2015 Baden Corn Fest.  Entries can be dropped off at the Baden Eyecare Centre until July 31st.  Download the contest colouring page here: http://www.badencornfest.ca/documents/colouring_contest.pdf or pick up at our office.   Prizes in three age categories, donated by Sight and Sound Studios in New Hamburg!