On this page, we dispel some myths and provide a few fun facts about optometry and eye health. 

  • In Ontario, there is no HST on prescription glasses or contacts. See the Ontario Government's What's Taxable under the HST. 
  • At the Baden Eyecare Centre, we provide upfront pricing on glasses and contact lenses. 
  • There are three types of eyecare providers, and all of them start with the letter "O"!
    • Optometrists - Like Dr. Sonya Frank, they perform eye exams, issue prescriptions for glasses & contact lenses as well as some medications, and fit & sell glasses and contact lenses. After completing seven or more years of university education, Optometrists provide the majority of eyecare to the public.
    • Opticians - They fit and sell glasses, and some are licensed to fit contact lenses as well. Between six months or, more typically, two years of college is required for this career.
    • Ophthalmologists - They are eye disease specialists and provide medical treatment for eye problems, which sometimes include surgical procedures. After a problem is diagnosed by an Optometrist, a patient may be referred to an Ophthalmologist for further testing and care. At least seven years of university, followed by a residency, is completed for this profession.
  • "Colour blindness" affects about 1 in 9 males from childhood. Many colours are usually still seen, just fewer of them so that it is easier to mix them up. A simple test is used to diagnose the problem, which can affect school performance and career planning.
  • Polarized sunglasses reduce glare from horizontal surfaces like waves on the water (that's why fisherman love them), but they can also block out some LCD display panels, too, making the numbers on your digital watch or the screen at the gas pump disappear.
  • North Americans mainly use plastic lenses in their "glasses", but Europeans like true glass lenses for their great vision; plus they do not fog as much in the cold.

Listed below is some general information on common eye conditions and issues.  This is for informational purposes only and not meant as a substitute for consulting a medical professional.  


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